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Kindergarten "Smooth Start"

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Kindergarten "Smooth Start" offered in September

Students entering kindergarten next fall are encouraged to participate in a Smooth Start day before the first day of school.   Smooth Start is a day to ease students' transition into the school environment.  Children will have the chance to "practice" being in school for a day before the school year begins.

Children will get familiar with their classroom, learn where bathrooms are located, and learn how the cafeteria works.  They will also meet their teachers and have a chance to ask questions. 

Students attend Smooth Start on one of two days in September, based on their last name:
  • Monday, September 12 for students with last names starting with A through L
  • Tuesday, September 13 for students with last names starting with M through Z
  • Our teachers will contact you to schedule a DRA appointment.
  • There is no school for kindergarten students during DRA testing.
  • The first full day of school for kindergarten students is Wednesday, September 14, 2016. 
For more information, please call the school office at (503) 399-3136.


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Registration for fall kindergarten programs in Salem-Keizer Public Schools opens on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. Students who turn five on or before September 10, 2016, are eligible to register. All elementary schools in Salem-Keizer offer free, full-day kindergarten.

Parents are asked to register students soon to help the district prepare an adequate number of classrooms, supplies, etc. for the fall.

How to register

To register, please visit the school and pick up a registration packet. If you’re unsure what school is assigned to serve your residence address, please visit the district’s school finder page: www.salemkeizer.org/content/boundary-information

Parents must complete and sign the forms in the registration packet (registration form, home language survey, immunization form) and provide:

  1. Proof of residence address.  Examples of documents accepted include a copy of a utility bill, driver's license with current address, copy of rental agreement, etc.
  2. Original birth certificate for the child.  The school will make a copy and return the original to the parent

Help your student get ready

Parents can help students get ready for kindergarten by helping them:

  • Hold a pencil, crayons and scissors correctly
  • Practice writing his/her name
  • Learn the ABC's and how to count to twenty
  • Name and identify basic shapes, such as square, triangle and circle
  • Learn how to take turns and share with others
  • How to use the bathroom and wash hands independently
      Please contact your school with questions about registering for kindergarten. 


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Information from the Oregon Department of Education about parents' right to opt students out of state testing is available for pick-up from the school office starting January 1, 2016.  The information includes the state's official notice and opt-out form. Please contact the principal, Mr. Paulson if you have questions about the opt-out process, or about state tests given in our school.  

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